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C.V. Raman Pillai

Original title



B. K. Menon (English - 1936)
O. Krishna Pillai (Tamil - 1954)
R. Leela Devi (English - 1979)
Kunnukuzhy Krisnankutty (Hindi - 1990 - Incomplete)
P. Padmanabhan Thampi (Tamil - 2007)


N. Raman Pillai (1981 ed.)

Proof reader

Kilimanoor Rajaraja Varma Kochu Koithampuran (1981 ed.)






CV's Historical Narratives
(Siviyuṭe Caritrākhyāyikakaḷ)


Historical Novel
Historical Romance
Political Novel


Author (1891)
B. V. Book Depot (1911–1925)
Kamalalaya Book Depot (1931–1971)
Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham (1973 onwards)
Little Prince Publications (1983)
Poorna Publications (1983 onwards)
D. C. Books (1992 onwards)
Kerala Sahithya Academy (1999)
Rachana Books (2009)
Chintha Publishers (2013)

Publication date

June 11, 1891

Published in other languages


Kamalalaya Book Depot (1936)
Sterling Paperbacks (1979, 1984)
Sahitya Akademi (1998)


Kamalalaya Book Depot (1954)
Sahitya Akademi (2007)


Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha (1990)

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Aswathi Thirunal Marthanda Varma


First edition (1891 ed.)
Revised edition (1911 onwards)
Variorum edition (1983)
Defenitive Variorum edition (1992 onwards)

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Print (Paperback)

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Book One

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Dharmaraja, Ramarajabahadur

Marthandavarma (IPA: [mɑːṟt̪t̪ɑːɳɖaʋaṟmma]; Malayalam: മാർ‍ത്താണ്ഡവർ‍മ്മ, Māṟttāṇḍavaṟmma) is the first novel by C.V. Raman Pillai published in 1891. It is presented as a historical romance[1][2] recounting the history of Venad (Travancore) during the final period of Rajah Rama Varma’s reign and subsequently to the accession of Marthanda Varma. The action of story takes place in Kollavarsham 901-906 (Gregorian calendar: 1727-1732). The story revolves around the main protagonists, Ananthapadmanabhan, Subhadra, Mangoikkal Kurrup who are trying to secure the title character from the plans of Padmanabhan Thampi & Ettu Veetil Pillamar to oust him from the throne of Travancore.

This novel initiated the historical romance genre[2] in Malayalam literature by being the first[3][4] historical novel and the third[3] novel published in Malayalam language. The story of Travancore was continued in Dharmaraja and Ramarajabahadur. These three novels are together known as Siviyuṭe Caritrākhyāyikakaḷ (Malayalam: സിവിയുടെ ചരിത്രാഖ്യായികകൾ).

Marthandavarma is often considered as a classic[5] blend[3] of historical fiction and Romance in Malayalam literature.


The novel released with the title scripted as മാൎത്താണ്ഡവൎമ്മാ in Malayalam, for which the Latin equivalent is Māṟttāṇḍavaṟmmā. Though the original title is a single word, the English counterpart was scripted as Martanda Varma with a space between Martanda and Varma akin to the scripting of the title in Tamil as மார்த்தாண்ட வர்மா. The title was later changed to മാൎത്താണ്ഡവൎമ്മ in the editions brought out by Kamalalaya Book Depot by omitting the long Monophthong vowel sign ാ (ā) in the end, the English counterpart was corrected as Marthandavarma. The title was further revised post the centenary of the novel as മാർ‍ത്താണ്ഡവർ‍മ്മ, replacing the Dot reph, ൎ with Chillu, ർ inline with the contemporary Malayalam script usage.

Plot SummaryEdit

A young man is found covered in blood and unconscious at Panchavan forest by a group of merchants who get their servants to carry the body of the young man along with them. Parukutty, the lover of the young man, is depressed because she does not believe her loved one is dead even though there has been no sign of him in the two years since he was found; meanwhile, her mother Karthyayani Amma arranges for a new marriage proposal through Sundarayyan for her daughter with Padmanabhan Thambi, the elder son of king Rama Varma. During the two years Padmanabhan Thambi and Sundarayyan conspired against the prince Marthanda Varma; they forged the news that attack on Ananthapadmanabhan at Panchavan forest was planned by the prince due to latter’s discord with the victim in the matter of a prostitute at Nagercoil. Eventually the aging king Rama Varma got sick and was confined to bed; Padmanabhan Thambi, who wants to become the next king, allies with the Ettuveettil Pillas to oust the rightful heir, Marthanda Varma. Association of Thambi with the Pillas caused an aversion among some sections of forces in the kingdom against the prince and royal officials and so, people excluded themselves from paying tax to the kingdom, subsequently the forces and finances at royal side got weaker than to that of the conspirators.

Three days after Sundarayyan brought the proposal at Chembakassery, a worried Marthanda Varma and his aide Parameswaran Pilla, venture out to head to Boothapandi, where the forces from Madurai are camped and are not willing to compromise to support the royal side as the payment for them is still pending as per the agreement with the king, Rama Varma. Dalawa Arumukham Pilla personally went there to make the payment, unfortunately as the amount was not sufficient for the full payment, he had to stay there as an assurance. Marthanda Varma worries that Raman Thambi, the second son of king might influence the Madurai forces adversely during latter's visit to Nanchinadu. When the prince and his aide are at Padmanabhapuram, Padmanabhan Thambi reaches there and to evade him, prince and the aide head to Charottu palace through the underground path. The next day morning, while coming to Thambi’s palace Sundarayyan sees Parameswaran Pilla and tips off to Velu Kuruppu, the loyalist fighter who serves Padmanabhan Thambi. Later, prince Marthanda Varma and his aide Pramerswaran Pilla are chased away from Charottu palace by Velu Kuruppu and lancers; however the former duo are helped by a mad Channan to evade the chasers, who puts up a fight with mad Channan only to be defeated by an archer Chulliyil Chatachi Marthandan Pilla, who was indebted to Channan once for saving his life when he was bitten by a snake. The prince Marthanda Varma and his aide take refuge at the house of Mangoikkal Kuruppu; meanwhile, Velu Kuruppu reaches back to his master Padmanabhan Thambi to inform about the fight with mad Channan. Following the order of an angry Thambi to capture the Channan-people, the mad Channan is captured and locked in the dungeon. Meanwhile, Velu Kuruppu, on realizing that Marthandavarma is at Mangoikkal house, deploys his men nearby to the house and rushes back to Thambi to arrange for more lancers and Nair soldiers by late evening to finish off Marthandavarma at Mangoikkal. The mad Channan, in meantime manages to find an underground path from the dungeon to Charottu palace. While Marthanda Varma and Mangoikkal Kuruppu are discussing about arranging additional force, Velu Kuruppu and his men launch attack on Mangoikkal at late evening; meanwhile, mad Channan rushes from Charottu palace to the Channan-people. Mangoikkal Kuruppu and his nephews try to resist the Velu Kuruppu’s men who surround and set the house afire. Mad Channan and his group of Channan accomplices reach at Mangoikkal by then and fight the attackers; mad Channan is able to rescue Marthanda Varma and Parameswaran Pilla out of the house before the same is completely on fire. Soon then, fighters from martial arts school of Mangoikkal arrive at the scene and defeat the attackers. On that night Thirumukhathu Pilla visits Padmanabhan Thambi to enquire about the news regarding the murder of his absconding son, Ananthapadmanabhan; soon then, one of the lancers of Velu Kurupp’s team reach there to inform about the defeat at Mangoikkal.

Padmanabhan Thambi and Marthanda Varma are back at their respective houses at Thiruvananthapuram and seven days after incidents at Mangoikkal a message from Thirumukhathu Pilla is delivered at Chembakasserry as a letter about the murder of his son Ananthapadmanabhan, however Parukutty who loves Ananthapadmanabhan rejects the same. The next day, Padmanabhan Thambi and Sundarayyan arrive and stay at Chembakassery. At night, Ananthapadmanabhan who disguised as a dweller of Kasi (Kasivasi) drugs Shanku Assan, the caretaker of armory at Chembakassery, to enter the house. Thambi, who is overwhelmed by the beauty of Parukutty goes to her room to attain her but only to be dragged out by Kasivasi, about which Parukutty gets glimpses of the frantic actions in her half sleep and falls sick. Later Sundarayyan steals the ornaments from there. Thambi and his team leave Chembakassery by next day early morning. Kazhakkoottathu Pilla arrives at Chembakassery to inquire about the illness of Parukutty and takes leave by late evening to the house of Kudamon Pilla only to be followed by Ananathapadmanabhan disguised as a beggar; meanwhile, Sundarayyan leaves from Thambi’s house for the discussions at Kudamon Pilla’s house. A council is formed by Kudamon Pilla, Ramanamadathil Pilla, Venganoor Pilla, Pallichal Pilla, Marthandan Thirumadathil Pilla, Chembazhanthy Pilla, Kulathoor Pilla, Kazhakkoottathu Pilla, who are known as Ettuveettil Pillas and Sundarayyan to support Padmanabhan Thambi as the next king; however Kazhakkoottathu Pilla informs his dislike on the issue and after assuring his support for their actions, he leaves the council at once only to be followed by the beggar. On the way, Kazhakkoottathu Pilla meets Mangoikkal Kuruppu, but the beggar heads back to the house of council to know final decision. Meanwhile, at council, decisions are made to assassinate prince Marthanda Varma and make Thambi as the next king. After the council, Ramanamadathil Pilla meets Subadra, the granddaughter of Kudamon Pilla's maternal aunt. Kazhakkoottathu Pilla tricks Mangoikkal Kuruppu to get the latter under detention. The beggar confronts Sundarayyan, who is on his way back after council, they indulge in a fight when the former tries to snatch the council note from the latter and due to the fight both of them fall into Killi river(Killiyar), however beggar rescues the drowning Sundarayyan, who does not know how to swim. The next day, Sundarayyan heads to Thambi’s house after awaking at the shore and conveys the council decision to Thambi. Subadra arrives at Chembakassery after learning about the illness of Parukutty; meanwhile Shanku Assan who is worried about previous day’s events go in search of the Kasivasi. Subadra condoles Karthyayani Amma and learns about the Thambi’s stay and the theft happened at the house. Meanwhile, at royal palace a message from Pathan camp informed that a council happened at Kudamon Pilla’s house the other night, as the resolution could not be known, the prince shall be alert at all times. The message also conveyed about the arrival of Mangoikkal Kuruppu. Ramayyan proposes for strict actions against the conspirators; however, prince vouched against it and during the discussion Marthanda Varma realizes that Kalakkutty, on whom the prince entrusted to deliver a message to Thirumakhathu Pilla seeking help, is indeed the maternal uncle-in-law of Sundarayyan. Parameswaran Pilla leaves to locate Mangoikkal Kuruppu and returns soon to state the non-arrival of Kuruppu. The prince says that Ettu Veettil Pillas might have endangered Kuruppu, hearing the same Parameswaran Pilla rushes to Pathan camp. At late evening, Padmanabhan Thambi suggests Sundarayyan to inquire about the Parukutty’s illness; however, Sundarayyan who gets frightened with the thoughts of fight happened last night hides in the house. At night, Subadra reaches there to ask Thambi about his actions at Chembakassery. Thambi mentions that he was confronted by the ghost of Ananthapadmanabhan before he could touch Parukutty and he doesnot know anything about the ornaments; during the conversation Thambi realizes that Subadra knows about the murder of Ananthapadmanabhan by Velu Kuruppu, which he and Sundarayyan were trying to implicate on the prince Marthanada Varma. Thambi tries to stab her with his dagger to which Subadra stands unmoved and seeing her stance, he moves back. When Subadra leaves, Thambi and Sundarayyan decide to kill her, as she knows their secret.

The next day, Sundarayyan reaches at Pathan camp to buy the poison, but Ananthapadmanabhan disguised as Shamsudeen gives only a harmless colored powder. Meanwhile, Subadra persuades Shanku Assan to confirm whether the Kasivasi who entered Chambakassery the other night is still at Pathan camp. On his return from Pathan camp Assan informs her that Sundarayyan was there to buy some poison. At Pathan camp, Hakkim warns Shamsudeen not to get into any danger in search of Mangoikkal Kuruppu. Later Shamsudeen reveals to Zulaikha about his love for Parukutty; realizing the issue, Zulaikha, who also loves him, gives the consent to do, as he wants. Subadra who realizes the poison brought by Sundarayyan is for her, heads back to her house. Sundarayyan who plans to poison Subadra leaves Thambi’s house; meanwhile, prince Marthanda Varma, Parameswaran Pilla disguised as civilians together with Ramayyan venture out to lookout for Mangoikkal Kuruppu. At night, the prince and his aide take shelter behind a tree while Ramayyan goes to Sree Pandarathu house of Kazhakkoottathu Pilla to check the whereabouts of Mangoikkal Krurppu. The prince and his aide notice a person headed to western direction but cannot identify him, after then, prince witnesses Sundarayyan heading to his wife’s house. Meanwhile, Subadra is with Ramanamadathil Pilla, who leaves later after assuring her that he will be back. Ramanamadathil Pilla passes by speaking to himself about the greatness of Kazhakkoottathu Pilla, who captured Mangoikkal Kuruppu, which the prince overhears. Ramayyan returns to the prince informing that he could not check at Sree Panadarathu house due to additional security forces deployed there. Prince sends Rammayyan to the house of Sundarayyan’s wife to know the details of Sundarayyan’s plans; however Ramayyan returns soon as Sundarayyan was talking to his wife behind the doors and the house parameter is been checked by Kodanki. Meanwhile, at Thambi’s house the unidentified man who passed by the prince and his aide earlier, reaches there; seeing him, who happens to be Velu Kuruppu, Thambi becomes happy and keeps him hidden in his house. The prince and his aides realize the abduction of Mangoikkal Kuruppu and decide to look out for him at Chembakassery and Sree Panadarathu house; by then, Sundarayyan and his wife pass by, among which husband goes to Thambi’s house and wife heads to Subadra’s house with some food items that are poisoned by Sundarayyan. The prince and the aides take leave to know the health of the ailing king, when they are moving ahead, the archer Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla chases and shoots arrows towards them, but his arrows aimed at the prince are struck down by mad Channan and then Channan beats down the archer. Sundarayyan’s wife Anantham visits Subadra, who realizes that the stolen ornaments from Chembakassery are at the former’s house and Anantham is unaware about the plans of her husband. Mad Channan, who hides nearby overhears their conversation. Meanwhile, Raman Madathil Pilla reaches at Thambi’s house and later joined by Sundarayyan and discuss about assassinating the prince Marthanda Varma, soon then Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla also arrives there. On the return of Ramanamadathil Pilla, Subadra realizes the plan to assassinate the prince by Velu Kuruppu. She prepares a note and entrusts the note to Shankarachar to deliver the same to the prince. She assembles her other servants and orders eight of them to steal the particulars from the house of Anantham. She orders her another servant Pappu to inform at Thambi’s house that she is dead, by tomorrow, she sends her another servant to Pathan camp. Meanwhile, at king’s palace, prince Marthanda Varma gets relief that the king is feeling a little better after taking the medicine from Hakkim. While returning from there to his palace with Parameswaran Pilla, the prince is about to be stabbed by Velu Kuruppu but only to be stopped by Shankarachar followed by a fight from which Velu Kuruppu runs away after stabbing Shankarachar. Prince and his aide reaches to the dying Shankarachar, who manages to convey about the message note before his final breath. Velu Kuruppu reaches back to Thambi, who summons Ramamanam Madathil Pilla, Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla, Sundarayyan and Kodanki and they decide to move Mangoikkal Kuruppu from Sree Pandarathu house to Chembakassery. Meanwhile, mad Channan leaves from Subadra’s house to Sree Pandarathu house, where he drugs the guards there and gets keys and subsequently finds Mangoikkal Kurupu in the dungeon; but, before they could escape from there, Ramanamadathil Pilla and team reaches there. Velu Kuruppu gets angry by seeing Channan and paces towards him with his sword but gets killed by a gunshot from the latter’s pistol. Kondanki advances towards Channan after the fall of Velu Kurppu, but he too gets shot by pistol and falls to death. An angry Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla draws his bow while Channan takes another pistol from his waist. Ramamanam Madathil Pilla intervenes and informs that they are to be moved to Chembakassery and only to be prosecuted by Thirumikhathu Pilla, to which Channan agrees on condition that he will keep his weapons with himself. Meanwhile, Subadra’s servants return with the items from the house of Anantham. Subadra sends two of her servants to know the whereabouts of Shankarachar, and after a few hours the servants return with the news of deaths happened during that night. Mangoikkal Kuruppu and Channan are moved to Chembakassery and guards from palace who favors Thambi are kept as security force after getting the keys from Shanku Assan. Sundarayyan and others spread the false news that prince Marthanda Varma is behind the murders happened that night and he also tried to assassinate Ramanamadathil Pilla.

Next day early morning, Anantham arrives at Subadra’s house to inform about the theft happened at her house. After Anantham left, a sad Subabra gets some relief when her servant went to Pathan camp came back with the medicine for Parukutty. He also informs that one of the men at the camp resembled her ex-spouse. Meanwhile, Subadra’s servant Pappu cries out at Thambi’s house that Subadra had passed away. Soon then, one of the servants at Thambi’s house informs that a theft happened at Sundarayyan’s house and Sundarayyan realizes from his wife that Subadra is not dead. Meanwhile, at palace an angry mob of civilians rushed to the palace, but only to be confronted by the ailing king who signals them to leave. Ramanamadathil Pilla reaches to Thambi’s house to share about the revolt at palace and praises the actions of Sundarayyan. Later, Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla and a servant arrive there to convey about the demise of the king Rama Varma. After the funeral rituals of Rama Varma, Marthanda Varma manages to send payment required for the forces from Madurai. On that day, Subadra reaches at Chembakassery by evening with the medicine for Parukutty, who starts recovering from the illness from the next day onwards. Subadra stays at Chembakassery for the next five days.

On the fifith day, prince realizes that the men sent from Kilimanoor under the leadership of Narayanayyan were defeated by Kazhakkoottathu Pilla and his men. Prince orders the employment termination of palace guards who are working for Thambi. Meanwhile, at Chembakassery, Subadra conveys that one of the men in detention is a mad man and at least he could have been released. Parakutty insists on releasing both men from detention, however, Shanku Assan reveals that he doesnot have the keys which are entrusted to the guards. Later Chembakassery Mootha Pilla restores the keys to Shanku Assan as the guards are summoned to palace urgently. Parukutty, who could not sleep with the thoughts of releasing the mad man, conveys her worries to Karthyayani Amma. Meanwhile, Subadra leaves to her house after realizing about the council at her house by Thambi and team. Parukutty compels Shanku Assan to release the two men from detention; when latter provides the keys, she and her mother head themselves to the dungeon. In the dungeon Karthyayayani Amma asks Mangoikkal Kuruppu to move out as per the wishes of her daughter. Mad Channan conveys that he cannot reveal about himself and runs ahead followed by Kuruppu. Parukutty realizes that mad Channan is the one who entered her chamber during the night in which Thambi tried to attain her and he resembled her lover. Meanwhile, Ettuveettil Pillas, Thambi brothers and Sundarayyan decide to execute the assassination of the prince at palace that night. Meanwhile, nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu arrive at palace to support prince, who tells them to come in the morning and coordinate with Ramayyan. Later, the prince, who was asleep is soon awakened with the arrival of Subadra to his room. She conveys that his life is in danger and he shall leave at once from the palace and also to move his nephew and aunt to a safe place. Prince, who was reluctant at first, follows her realizing that she helped him other night. Kudamon Pilla, Padmanabhan Thambi and their team enter the palace to assassinate the prince but find no one. Meanwhile, after sending her servant to another direction Subadra heads to her house together with Marthanada Varma, Parameswaran Pilla and Ramayyan disguised as menials and get spotted by Raman Thambi and his team on the way, but she and the trio evade him easily by Subadra’s prompt response in favor of his actions and due to his aversion towards her. When Subadra and the trio are away from Raman Tambi and his men, she heads to her house alone and comes back with five men, who look like porters to the banyan tree, near where the trio are waiting. She instructs them to cross Venganoor by night and when they are about to leave Thirumukhathu Pilla arrives there and identifies the prince. When Thirumukhathu Pilla asks Subadra why she is helping the one who killed her brother, Ananthapadmanabhan, she assures that Ananthapadmanabhan is not dead and to her persuasion Thirumukhathu Pilla reveals that he is her father. Subadra conveys that Ananthapadmanabhan will be at Pathan camp. Subadra leaves to her house while others head east as Thirumukhathu Pilla knows that Aruveettukar are waiting near the west banks of the river, Karamana. Meanwhile, when the team of attackers led by Thambi and Ettuveettil Pillas cannot find the prince at palace, they decide to lead the forces to Manakkadu, where fighters of Magaoikkal are camped. However, the fighters of Mangoikkal are ready to face the attackers as they were tipped off by Subadra in time. When the attackers led by the Thambi brothers reach Manakkadu(Manacaud), Mangoikkal fighters put up a stiff resistance even though they are less in numbers and before they have been overpowered, Pathan fighters led by Shamsudeen and Beeram Khan arrive there against the Thambi’s forces. While Shamsudeen fights the Padamananabhan Thambi, Beeram Khan, who has a long standing grudge against Sundarayyan for forging the plans that separated him from his then-spouse Subadra, takes up the fight with him. Sundarayyan brings down the horse of Beeram Khan and the latter is locked under the dead horse, while Sundarayyan advanced towards him; but before he could do anything, Beeram Khan springs up from under the body of horse and manages to kill Sundarayyan and leaves the battlefield at once. Padmanabhan Thambi is shot in the hand by Shamsudeen when the former is about to kill Nuradeen and before Ramanamadathil Pilla and Raman Thambi advance towards Shamsudden the whole battlefield is surrounded by the forces led by Thirumukhathu Pilla and the prince Marthanda Varma and subsequently the Thambi brothers and Ettuveettil Pillas are arrested.

The next day, prince conducts the post funeral rituals of the king and brings back his nephew, the little prince and aunt who, were safeguarded by Keralavarma Koithampuran at Chembakassery, where a joyful Parakutty awaits her lover Ananathapadnanabhan from the Pathan camp. Soon then, Anananthapadmanabhan reaches Chembakassery and re-unites with Parukutty. A few days later Marthanda Varma arrives at Pathan camp after ascending to the throne. It is revelead that Anathapadmanabhan was attacked at Panchavan forest two years ago by Velu Kuruppu, when the former was heading to aid the prince. He was rescued by the Pathan people, who took him along with him. When the discussion came about Subadra, the king orders Anananthapadmanabhan to move her from the house to safeguard from Kudamon Pilla, who is just released by the king. Subadra is at her house and sad due to the revelation about her ex-spouse. Kudamon Pilla reaches there and catches her by her hair and is about to plunge his sword while Beeram Khan rushes inside crying not to kill her; on hearing the voice of her ex-spouse and seeing him longing for her, she thanks god that she can even die, by that instant sword of Kudamon Pilla falls on her neck and before Kudamon Pilla could slay Beeram Khan, the former is cut into two by Ananthapadmanabhan who just reached there. Marthandavarma on hearing the news about Subadra, swears under his breath that he would seek vengeance on those responsible for the un-warranted deed of blood and heads to her house.

Three years pass by, Mangoikkal house has been rebuilt, Ananthapadmanabhan headed Marthanda Varma’s forces in the battles with Desinganadu and other kingdoms during the period. He stays at Chembakassery with his family including his daughter named Subadra. Marthanda Varma earns the impeccable fame as a protector to the people of kingdom as well as a servant to Sreepadmanabha deity and so, the public rejoice as in a festive mood.

Lead Characters Edit

Marthanda Varma (Prince) Edit

Marthanda Varma is also mentioned as Yuvarajavu (Prince). Marthanda Varma is described as a young man between 20 and 25 years of age with a heroic attire. He is the rightful heir to the throne after the period of king Rama Varma. He is generous towards the conspirators and shows unwillingness to take strict action against them as suggested by Ramayyan. He often disguises himself to evade the attackers. He shows great respect to Subhadra's words, pertains to which he releases Kudamon Pilla from detention, once he becomes the king.

Ananthapadmanabhan Edit

Ananthapadmanabhan is also mentioned as Mad Channan / The Beggar / The Diglot / Dweller of Kasi / Shamsudeen. Ananthapadmanabhan is described as a young man of 22 years of age and an expert in disguise with superior fighting skills. He is the son of Thurumukhathu Pilla from his father’s relationship with another spouse following the relationship with Kudaman Pilla’s maternal niece. He is the half-brother (younger) of Subhadra. He is in love with Parukutty of Chembakassery. He has been attacked and left for dead at Panchavan forest, however after being rescued by Pathan merchants, he disguises himself as Shamsudeen as well as a mad Channan and rescues Marthanda Varma from Mangoikkal and facilitates Hakkim to help the prince. He also introduces Mangoikkal Kuruppu to the Pathan people, and helps latter to learn Hindustani language.

Subhadra Edit

Subhadra is also mentioned as Chembakam Akka. Subhadra is the daughter of Thirumukhathu Pilla and Kundamon Pilla’s maternal niece. She is the half-sister of Ananthapadmanabhan. Subhadra is described as a woman of 25 years of age, who is as beautiful as a fairy. She was married to a relative of Kudamon Pilla, however they got separated after living together for six months as a relationship was forged between her and Padmanabhan Thambi. She is bold and determined to take revenge on those who spoiled her marital life. She helps Marthanda Varma to escape from the plans of conspirators. She is killed by Kudamon Pilla.

Padmanabhan Thambi Edit

Padmanabhan Thambi is also mentioned as Shri Rayi Padmanabhan Thambi / Pappu Thambi / Thambi. Padmanabhan Thambi is the elder son of the king Rama Varma. Thambi is described as a man with well built body and fair complexion, he has an affinity to wear ornaments. He yearns for beautiful woman and has relationships with Sivakami and a parmaour of Ezhamkudi (Seventh house). He wants to become the next king, after the period of his father, Rama Varma. He desires to have Subhadra and Parukutty in relationships.

Sundrayyan Edit

Sundrayyan is also mentioned as Pulamadan. Sunadaryyan, a man of 40 years, is the son of a Brahmin from Madurai and a Marava lady. He married the niece of Kalakkutty. He is described as main conspirator who contrives to make Thambi as the next king. He arranges the marriage proposal of Thambi to Parukutty. He is killed by Beram Khan at Manakkadu.

Parukutty Edit

Parukutty is also mentioned as Parvathi Amma / Parvathi Pilla / Thankam. Parukutty is the daughter of Karthyayani Amma and Ugran Kazhakkoottathu Pilla. She is described as a beauty of 16 years of age with a considerable height. She is slim and fair as Magnolia champaca. She has studied Mathematics, Amarakosha and Sidharoopa. She is exceptionally fluent in reciting Ramayana in her sweet voice. She is in love with Ananthapadmanabhan. Padmanabhan Thambi wanted to have a relationship with her.

Beeram Khan Edit

Maternal nephew of householder, who is a relative of Kudamon Pilla. He married Subhadra, with whom he breaks up after believing the false news about her relationships with other men, especially Padmanabhan Thambi. He later gets converted into Islam as Beeram Khan and marries Fathima. When Ananthapadmanabhan is found at Panchavan forest, he persuades to nurse after seeing the former's resemblance to his first wife. He kills Sundarayyan for the deeds, latter did to separate him from Subhadra.

Velu Kuruppu Edit

An ace fighter, swordsman, lancer, who is an utmost loyalist of Padmanabhan Thambi. He attacked Ananthapadmanabhan at Panchavan forest. He tries to kill Marthanda Varma at Charottu Palace, Mangoikkal house, and on the way to the palace of prince. One of his ears is sliced down by Ananthapadmanabhan, also gets killed by him at dungeon at Sree Pandarathu house.

Mangoikkal Kuruppu Edit

Mangoikkal Kuruppu is also mentioned as Iraviperuman Kandan Kumaran Kuruppu. Mangoikkal Kuruppu is head of Mangoikkal family. He offers shelter for Marthanda Varma and Parameswaran Pilla while evading Velu Kuruppu. He arranges for additional forces under his nephews to support Marthanda Varma.

Major Characters Edit

Ettuveettil Pillas Edit

  • Kudaman Pilla – One of Ettuveettil Pillas. He is the nephew of Subhadra's grandmother. He kills Subhadra and he is killed by Ananthapadmanabhan.
  • Ramanamadathil Pilla – One of Ettuveettil Pillas. He is described as the one who desires the company of Subhadra. He has a wife and a son, whom he visits only on the day of Thiruvonam.
  • Kazhakkoottathu Pilla / Thevan Vikraman – One of Ettuveettil Pillas. Intended to propose marriage with Parukutty, daughter of Ugran Kazhakkoottahtu Pilla, who was his maternal uncle. He led a force to defeat the fighters from Kilimanoor under the leadership of Narayanayyan.
  • Chembazhanthi Pilla / Thevan Nandi – One of Ettuveettil Pillas.
  • Marthandan Thirumadathil Pilla – One of Ettuveettil Pillas.
  • Venganoor Pilla – One of Ettuveettil Pillas. He and his men defeat the men from Mangoikkal supportive to prince Marthanda Varma.
  • Pallichal Pilla – One of Ettuveettil Pillas.
  • Ugran Kazhakkoottathu Pilla (Deceased) – Late husband of Karthyayani Amma and father of Parukutty. He is the maternal uncle of Thevan Vikraman Kazhakkoottathu Pilla.

Parameswaran Pilla Edit

Parameswaran Pilla is the attendant and constant companion of the prince Marthanda Varma. When Marthanda Varma becomes the king he is promoted as the personal manager of the king.

Raman Thambi Edit

Shri Raman Thambi is the younger son of the king Rama Varma. He leads the Marava forces from Nanjinadu.

Thirumukhathu Pilla Edit

Thirumukhathu Pilla is a minister of the Kingdom. He is the father of Subhadra and Ananthapadmanabhan.

Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla Edit

Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla is an ace archer, who serves Thirumukhathu Pilla, but take sides of Ettuveetil Pillas.

Kizhakkeveedu Edit

  • Anantham – Maternal niece of Kalakkutty and wife of Sundarayyan.
  • Kodanki / Palavesam – Elder brother of Sundarayyan. He is killed by Ananthapadmanabhan.
  • Kaalakutty Pilla – Maternal uncle of Anantham and messenger of prince Marthanda Varma.

Chembakasserry Edit

  • Karthyayani Amma / Karthyayani Pilla – Widowed wife of Ugran Kazhakkoottathu Pilla, she is the mother of Parukutty and younger sister of Chembakassery Mootha Pilla.
  • Chembakasserry Mootha Pilla – Elder brother of Karthyayani Amma.
  • Shanku Ashan – Caretaker of armory at Chembakassery. He is born to the previous armory care taker and a lady servant at Chembakassery.

Pathan camp Edit

  • Fathima – Elder daughter of Hakkim’s younger brother and Ayisha. Sister of Zulaikha and Nuradeen. She married Beeram Khan.
  • Zulaikha – Younger daughter of Hakkim’s younger brother and Ayisha. Sister of Fathima and Nuradeen. She cares for Ananthapadmanabhan as she loves him as Shamsudeen.
  • Nuradeen – Son of Hakkim’s younger brother and Ayisha. Brother of Fathima and Zulaikha. He marries a beautiful lady.
  • Azim Ud-Dowla Khan / Hakkim – A traditional medicine specialist, who is the paternal uncle of Fathima, Nuradeen and Zulaikha. His treatment cures Anathapadmanabhan and also provides medication for king Rama Varma and Parukutty.
  • Usman Khan – One who act as steward at the camp of Hakkim, who brought up him as a son from Childhood.

Royal family Edit

  • Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma – Little prince. He is moved along with his mother to Chembakassery for protection.
  • Unnamed Royal Mother – Mother of the little prince, Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma.
  • Raja Rama Varma – The ailing king, who is the father of Padmanabhan Thambi and Raman Thambi. Prince Marthanda Varma refers him as maternal uncle.

Royal officials Edit

  • Arumukham Pilla (Dalawa) – The prime minister of the kingdom. He goes to Boothapandi to make the payment for the forces from Madurai, unfortunately he had to stay there as an assurance for balance payment.
  • Ramayyan (Rayasakkaran) – The ministerial official, who helps the prince during the search for Mangoikkal Kuruppu. He also manages to pacify the angry civilians, who entered the palace ground, by presenting the ailing king infront of the crowd.
  • Narayanayyan – Royal servant who leads the men sent from Kilimanoor in support of Marthanda Varma.

Supporters of royal family Edit

  • Kilimanoor Koithampuran (Deceased) – The one who gets killed by men of Ramanamadathil Pilla while defending the conspiracy to kill the little prince, Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma.
  • Kerala Varma Koithampuran – The one who arranges additional forces for Marthanda Varma under the leadership of Narayanayyan. He guards the little prince Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma and his mother at Chembakassery.
  • Aruveettukar – A powerful and rich family and their men, who are supportive to Thirumukhathu Pilla.

Mangoikkal family Edit

  • The maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu at Mangoikkal house. Some of them are follows:
    • Kochu Velu – Youngest of maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu.
    • Krishna Kuruppu / Kittan – Eldest of maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu.
    • Narayanan – One of the maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu.
    • Kumaran / Komaran – One of the maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu.
    • Kochu Kuruppu / Kochannan / Cheriya Kuruppu – One of the maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kuruppu, who was sent to Padmanabhapuram, on return from there he gets frantic by the seems-to-be-following men of Velu Kurruppu.
  • Two of them are instructed by Mangoikkal Kuruppu to make arrangements for the stay of Marthanda Varma and Parameswaran Pilla.
  • Six of them including Krishna Kuruppu and Narayanan resist Velu Kuruppu and attackers at Mangoikkal.
  • Four of them including Krishna Kuruppu head to Thiruvananthapuram to lead the forces from Mangoikkal as a support to Marthanada Varma.
  • Kochakkachi – Maternal niece of Mangoikkal Kuruppu, who instructs Kochu Velu to arrange for the morning ablutions of Marthanda Varma and Parameswaran Pilla at Mangoikkal house.
  • Unnamed Ladies – The ladies of Mangoikkal house other than Kochakkachi, together with whom all are sent away to avoid any nuisance on the arrangements to safeguard Marthanada Varma and Parameswaran Pilla.

Servants of Subhadra Edit

  • Unnamed Men – Five Nair servants, who accompany Subhadra to Chembakassery.
  • Unnamed Women – Four Nair servants, who accompany Subhadra to Chembakassery.
  • Shankarachar – Main Nair servant of Subhadra. He gets killed while trying to save Marthand Varma from Velu Kuruppu.
  • Unnamed Servant – The Nair friend of Shankarachar and the one who brings twelve servants as ordered by Subhadra to the house of Shankarachar.
  • Twelve Servants – The Nair servants brought by the friend of Shankarachar.
    • Pappu – A servant of Subhadra. He is sent to Padmanabhan Thambi's house to convey the false news about her death. He is sent to Sree Pandarathu house to know the about mad Channan from the guards there; he is also sent to the house of Subhadra to keep watch on the movements.
    • Ten Servants – Servants who steal the particulars from the house of Anantham.
      • Two among them go in search of Shankarachar in the night he is killed.
      • Among them, one is stationed at Valiya Nalukettu, and one is stationed at Chembakassery to keep a watch on the movements.
    • Unnamed Servant – The one who brings the medicine for Parukutty from Pathan camp and reveals about Beeram Khan.
  • Five Servants – Servants who, looked like porters and were brought by Subhadra to accompany Marthanda Varma, Parameswaran Pilla and Ramayyan disguised as menials.

Other Characters Edit

  • Subhadra – The daughter of Ananthapadmanabhan and Parukutty, named after her paternal aunt.
  • Unnamed Eldest Lad – The one who brings the Hakkim’s message note to the palace and deliver it to Parameswaran Pilla.

Family of Thirumukhathu Pilla Edit

  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased) – Mother of Subhadra from the relationship with Thirumukhathu Pilla. She is the maternal niece of Kudamon Pilla.
  • Unnamed Sister (Deceased) – Daughter of Thirumukhathu Pilla and the little sister of Ananthapadmanabhan. Padmanabhan Thambi wanted to marry her; which Ananthapadmanabhan opposed as he was against the proposal.
  • Unnamed Mother / Thirumukhathe Akkan – Mother of Ananthapadmanabhan and spouse of Thirumukhathu Pilla.

Channars Edit

  • Channars of Palm-plant – The Channar people at the palm-tree plant, where prince Marthanda Varma enquires about any nearby house of Nairs, while escaping from Charottu palace.
  • Channars (50 men) – The Channar people of 50 numbers who got killed by men of Thambi as per his order to nab the mad Channan.
  • Channars – People of Channar clan who assembles after the slaughter of 50 Channars by the men of Thambi. Mad Channan persuades them to aid him in providing defense at Mangoikkal house.
    • Ozhukkan – One of the Channars.
    • Koppilan – One of the Channars.
    • Podiyan – One of the Channars.
    • Nandan – One of the Channars.
    • Rakithan – One of the Channars.
    • Suppiramaniyan – One of the Channars.
    • Ponnan – One of the Channars.
    • Poothathan – One of the Channars.

Paramours of Padmanabhan Thambi Edit

  • Unnamed Female-Deposer – A prostitute who gives false statement against prince Marthanda Varma on the murder of Ananthapadmanabhan as conspired by Sundarayyan and Padmanabhan Thambi, for whom she is a soubrette.
  • Sivakami – Paramour of Padmanabhan Thambi.
  • Woman of Ezhamkudi – Mistress of Padmanabhan Thambi.
  • Kamalam – Paramour of Padmanabhan Thambi.

Aiders of Padmanabhan Thambi Edit

  • Lancers of Velu Kuruppu – The 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace. Two of them are killed by the arrows shot by Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla.
    • Kutti Pilla – One of the 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace.
    • Pappanachar – One of the 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace.
    • Chatayan Pilla – One of the 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace.
    • Ooli Nayar – One of the 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace.
    • Parappan Nayar – One of the 14 lancers led by Velu Kuruppu to Charottu palace.
  • Unnamed (Vicharippukaran) – The manager of Padmanabahan Thambi at Padmanabhapuram palace.
  • Unnamed Servants – Servants of Padmanabahan Thambi at Padmanabhapuram palace.
  • Unnamed Servant – The one who informs about the theft happened at the house of Sundarayyan's wife, Anantham.
  • Unnamed Fighters – The lancers who disguised as Mangoikkal men and tried to attack Thirumukhathu Pilla.
  • Unnamed Guards – Royal lancers who support Padmanabhan Thambi and are deployed at Chembakassery under Chembakassery Mootha Pilla, who takes them back to Padmanabhan Tahmbi following the order of Valiya Sarwadhikaryakkar to report back to palace after which, Thambi relieve them from duty.
  • Unnamed (Pattakkar) – The messengers in Pathan outfits who accompany Padamanabhan Thambi at Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Unnamed Accomplices – The accomplices in domestic outfits who accompany Padamanabhan Thambi at Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Unnamed Householders – The householders, who convene at the house of Padmanabhan Thambi for the meeting on the night in which Shankarachar is killed.
  • Unnamed Landlords – The landlords, who convene at the house of Padmanabhan Thambi for the meeting on the night in which Shankarachar is killed.
  • Unnamed (Pattakkaran) – The one who informs Padmanabhan Thambi about the arrival of Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla at Valiya Nalukettu.
  • Unnamed (Pattakkaran) – The one who informs Padmanabhan Thambi about the demise of king, Rama Varma.
  • Unnamed Servants – The servants who provide foot massage and air wampish to Padamanabhan Thambi at his residence in Thiruvanathapuram.
  • Unnamed Guards – The fighters who serve at Padmanabhan Thambi’s residence in Thiruvanathapuram as guards.
  • Lancers and Nairs (200 men) – A group of lancers and Nairs led by Velu Kuruppu in search of Marthanda Varma and finally attacks Mangoikkal house. The remaining 12 lancers of Velu Kuruppu are included.
    • A group of 150 men are deployed at nearby locations of Mangoikkal house by Velu Kuruppu, later led to Mangoikkal
    • A group of 20 men are led on the main path to Mangoikkal.
  • Lancers and Nairs (150 men) – A group of lancers and Nairs send by Padmanabhan Thambi to aid Velu Kruppu for the attack at Mangoikkal
    • One of the lancers reaches back to Thambi to inform about defeat at Mangoikkal.
  • Nanjinadu Fighters – The fighters of 500 numbers including Marava people from Nanchinadu led by Raman Thambi.

Aiders of Ettuveettil Pillas Edit

  • Servants of Ettuveettil Pillas – The servants of Ettuveettil Pillas; who are creating mutiny at palace gate.
  • Unnamed Servant of Kudamon Pilla – The one who arranges the particulars for the oath at council by Ettuveettil Pillas.
  • Unnamed Servants – The servants of Kazhakkoottathu Pilla; who tricks Mangoikkal Kuruppu and later put him under detention.
  • Guards of Kazhakkoottathu Pilla – Guards at Sree Pandarathu house. Ananthapadmanabhan disguised as mad Channan drugs them to get the keys to dungeon inorder to rescue Mangoikkal Kuruppu.

Men of Mangoikkal Edit

  • Unnamed Parayan – A Parayan lad who gets caught by Velu Kuruppu, who realizes about Marthanda Varma at Mangoikkal from him.
  • Servant of Mangoikkal Kuruppu – The one who rushes out to Mangoikkal martial arts school on the news about the march of attackers led by Velu Kruppu.
  • Servants of Mangoikkal – Four servants of Mangoikkal summoned on the arrival of disguised prince Marthanda Varma and Parameswaran Pilla.
  • Nairs of Mangoikkal – Eight Nairs of Mangoikkal who aid in providing defence against the attack by Velu Kuruppu and his men at Mangoikkal.
  • Parayar Guards – The guards of Parayar clan at Mangoikkal house.
  • Men from Mangoikkal Kalari – The fighters of 200 numbers from the martial arts school of Mangoikkal. They defeat the men of Velu Kuruppu.
  • Fighters of Mangoikkal – Fighters of 300 numbers led by nephews of Mangoikkal, but are defeated by Venganoor Pilla and his men.
    • More than 100 fighters from the above are escaped with nephews and re-enter the capital and camp at Manakkadu.
  • Unnamed Servant – The servant who accompanies Mangoikkal Kuruppu to Thiruvananthapuram.

Pathan people Edit

  • Ayisha (Deceased) – Mother of Fathima, Nuradeen and Zulaikha.
  • Unnamed Brother (Deceased) – Hakkim’s younger brother and father of Fathima, Nuradeen and Zulaikha.
  • The Pathan merchants and their team encamped at Thiruvananthapuram
    • Unnamed Pathan Merchants – The lead Pathan merchants, who earlier halted at Thiruvithamkodu and are now encamped at Manakkadu, other than the Hakkim and team.
    • Servants of Hakkim – The Pathan servants and fighters who serve under Hakkim
      • Two Servants – Two servants who carry away the wounded Ananthapadmanabhan from Panchavan forest as directed by Hakkim.
      • Pathan Fighters – The fighters who are deployed as guards to the stall of merchandise.
        • Twenty of them are led to defend Raman Thambi's men by Shansudeen and Beeram Khan.

Aiders at Chembakassery Edit

  • Unnamed (Pattakkar) – Messengers to whom Chembakassery Mootha Pilla entrusts duties on the day before the arrival of Padmanabhan Thambi.
  • Servants at Chembakassery
    • Unnamed Servant of Parukutty – The lady attendant who provides the book and other particulars to Parukutty.
    • Unnamed (Adichuthelikkari) – The lady cleaner on whom Karthyayani Amma prevails persistently to make the surroundings clean.
    • Unnamed Lady Servant – The one who is entrusted to clean the lamps.
    • Tailors / Weavers – The skilled workers who arrange necessary bed sheets and curtains
    • Kitchen Staff – The cooks and assistants to whom Karthyayani Amma insists to cut more vegetables for the preparation of dishes.
  • Unnamed (Vaidyanmar) – Traditional medicine practitioners who come to Chembakasery to provide medication to Parukutty's illness.

Members of Palace at Thiruvananthapuram Edit

  • Unnamed (Valiya Sawadhikaryakkar) – The chief minister of the kingdom who orders the recall of palace guards at Chembakassery.
  • Unnamed Sarwadhi (Sawadhikaryakkar) – A district officer under Valiya Sawadhikaryakkar. He suspects about the actions of prince Marthanda Varma at the night in which Shankarachar and Velu Kuruppu are dead.
  • Unnamed (Vaidyanmar) – Traditional medicine practitioners who provide medication for king Rama Varma's illness. One of them is arranged to go to Chemabakassery, as ordered by the prince, Marthanda Varma.
  • Unnamed Scholars – The qualified people including priests, clergies, magicians who do their respective occult practices for extending the lifetime of king Rama Varma.
  • Unnamed Cowards – The people who became courageous to talk about the pros and cons of rule of king Rama Varma
  • Unnamed Special Servants – The special servants of king Rama Varma; they are honest in disclosing the pros and cons of rule of king Rama Varma.
  • Unnamed Servants – King Rama Varma's servants, whose faces are languid due to the increasing illness of the king.
  • Unnamed Disciples – The happy disciples of prince Marthanda Varma as the accession of their master is nearing.
  • Unnamed Ministers – The ministers, who request monetary aid from the aristocratic residents.
  • Unnamed Emissary – The emissary deputed by prince Marthanda Varma to Kilimanoor palace.
  • Unnamed (Thirumulpadanmar) – The Thirumulpad Nair assistants who lead prince Marthanda Varma, while moving inside the palace.
  • Unnamed Messengers – The messengers who are entrusted to inform the middle lords about the illness of king.
  • Unnamed Accomplices – The accomplices of prince Marthanda Varma at Thekkekoyikkal. Two among them run to his aid during the final moments of Shankarachar.
  • Unnamed Chamberlains – The chamberlains at palace, where they are found by Kudamon Pilla, Thambi duo and their men, while searching for Marthanda Varma.

Forces on the side of Marthanda Varma Edit

  • Unnamed Men (500 Nos) – The supporters of Thirumukhathu Pilla and Aruveettukar, whom they followed to provide support to the prince, Marthanda Varma.
  • Fighters from Kilimanoor – The fighters led by Naranayyan and later defeated by Kazhakkoottathu Pilla and his men.
  • Madura Forces – The mercenaries from Madurai camped at Boothapandi, where they detain Dalawa Arumukham Pilla, due to incomplete payment of their arrears.

General People Edit

  • Group of Civilians – The group of people who rush into the fort and are confronted by the king Rama Varma to disperse. Eight of them are dispersed only when king Rama Varma signaled them to do so.
  • Unnamed Lords – The lords who visit Padmanabhan Thambi at his house in Thiruvanathapuram, to get favors from Thambi for their ventures.
  • Unnamed Civilians – The people who secure their money and valuables in hidden places.
  • Unnamed Residents – The residents who wish to see the end of fights and mutiny with the accession of Marthanda Varma to the throne.
  • Unnamed People – The people who refrain from paying the taxes, as they believe that a change in the heir lineage is going to happen.
  • Unnamed Residents – The aristocratic residents who are reluctant to provide monetary assistance to the ministers, due to the fear about the wrath of enemies of prince Marthanda Varma.
  • Unnamed Women – The women who are at their respective houses and blame the prince, Marthanda Varma.
  • People of Northern Provinces – The people, who aligns on the side of Ettuveettil Pillas at Chiriyankeezhu, Thiruvananthapuram, Neyyattinkara.
  • People of Central Provinces – The people who are reluctant to support royal houses by providing in counter offence at Iraniyal, Kalkulam, Vilavancode.
  • Unnamed Brahmins – Aged Brahmin people who are expecting favors from royal palace.
  • Unnamed Nairs – Nair people who collect and store sandalwood pieces and clarified butter in stalls near to the palace.
  • Unnamed Women – Matresfamilias who store enough vegetables.
  • Unnamed Children – Children who are worried about losing Vishu and Onam for the next year.
  • Unnamed People – The miserly people who are happy due to the probable savings going to happen with non-celebration of Vishu and Onam.
  • Unnamed People – People who greet Padmanabhan Thambi, while passing by the Padmanabhapuram palace.
  • Unnamed Lady – The lady, who passes by the Padmanabhapuram palace, from where Padmanabhan Thambi fantasizes that she peeks at him flirtatiously.
  • Unnamed People – People who bring bunches of plantain banana to Chembakassery.

Others Edit

  • Unnamed (House-holder) – A Nair relative of Kudamon Pilla and maternal uncle of Beeram Khan.
  • Unnamed (Kottaram Vicharippukaran) – The palace manager of Charottu Palace, he works from his home.
  • Unnamed Lady – The beautiful lady who marries Nuradeen.
  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased) – Mother of Padmanabhan Thambi and spouse of king Rama Varma.
  • Unnamed (Anjanakkaran) – A clairvoyant who affirms to Thirumukhathu Pilla about the murder of Ananthapadmanabhan by the prince Marthanda Varma through paranormal retrocognition.
  • Unnamed Beauties – The court-mistresses that Sundarayyan suggests bringing from Thanjavur for Padmanabhan Thambi.
  • Unnamed Lords – The middle lords, who are related to royal family.
  • Unnamed Wife – The wife of Ramanamadathil Pilla, who visits her on the day of Thiruvonam.
  • Unnamed Son – The son of Ramanamadathil Pilla, who visits him on the day of Thiruvonam.
  • Unnamed Accomplices – Accomplices of king Marthanda Varma at Nagercoil palace, where Padmanabhan Thambi gets killed by them in a precognitive narration.
  • Unnamed Man – The fiancé of Anantham prior to her relation with Sundarayyan, who tricks the former to move away.
  • Unnamed (Assan) – The master who taught Mathematics to Parukutty.
  • Unnamed (Pisharody) – The one who taught lyrics to Parukutty.
  • Unnamed (Shasthri) – A Brahmin from a village near Madurai who becomes the father of Sundarayyan and Kodanki from the relationship with a Marava lady.
  • Unnamed Marava Lady – Mother of Sundarayyan and Kodanki in a relation with a Brahmin from a village near Madurai.
  • Unnamed Wife – The wife of Valiya Sawadhikaryakkar, she is in bed rest post the parturition.
  • Unnamed Niece – The niece of Valiya Sawadhikaryakkar, she is in a state of ill health.
  • Unnamed Daughter – The daughter of Valiya Sawadhikaryakkar, she is pregnant.
  • Unnamed Families – The families who were converted to Islam during the conquest of Mughols in Travancore.
  • Unnamed Relatives – The relatives who visit Chembakassery on hearing about the illness of Parukkutty.
  • Unnamed Friends – The family friends, who visit Chembakassery on hearing about the illness of Parukkutty.
  • Unnamed Father (Deceased) – The former care taker of armory at Chembakassery and the late father of Shanku Assan. He wrote the astrological notes on Parukutty, after her birth.
  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased) – The former servant at Chembakassery and the late mother of Shanku Assan.
  • Unnamed (Ayanmar) – The masters to whom the horoscope of Parukutty was shown for the possibility of any alternative to the natal astrological note written by the father of Shanku Assan.
  • Ahor Namboothirippadu – The Akavoor Namboothiri about whom Velu Kuruppu mentions as the one who evoked protection to his armor shield by chanting of seventy million Dhanwantharam.
  • Unnamed Shasthris – The Shasthri Brahmins of Kancheepuram. Hakkim with his excellence in treatment is considered as an incarnation of Vagbhata by them.
  • Arcot Nawab – The Nawab of Arcot who presents Hakkim with wealth and awards.

People of Nanjinadu Edit

  • Unnamed People of Nanjinadu – The residents of Nanjinadu; who follow the Mudaliyar lords.
  • Mudaliyar Lords
    • Cherakonar – A Mudaliyar lord in Nanjinadu who sides with Padmanabhan Thambi.
    • Mailavanar – A Mudaliyar lord in Nanjinadu who sides with Padmanabhan Thambi.
    • Vanikaraman – A Mudaliyar lord in Nanjinadu who sides with Padmanabhan Thambi.



  • 1933: Marthanda Varma (film) – a silent black & white film directed by P. V Rao
  • 1997: Kulam (film) - a loose adaptation directed by Lenin Rajendran


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